A Scoop of Hope: After Being the Center of an Ongoing Trend, Egypt’s Grand Imam Returns Saber to School

A touching video of a young boy made its way to our news feed and made us all extremely sympathetic. During the video, a presenter was asking the young boy what he wishes for, only to be given an innocent answer of “I want to be rich, and I want to go back to school.”

The boy explained that he needed to financially support his mother and siblings, which thereby pushed him into dropping out of school when he was only a grade four student. The only way he can re-join school again is for a male student guardian to accompany him but his father has passed away, which leaves the little boy with no other option.

The hashtag #Return Saber to School was already topping the trends on Twitter, shortly after the vox-pops were aired, with people calling for entities to take action and lend a helping hand to the misfortunate boy. Little did we know that the many attempts and efforts made by people to make the video go viral and for kind-hearted officials in the authorities to take action have clearly succeeded. 

The video was met with a steadfast response in which Egypt’s Grand Imam Ahmed El Taib went searching everywhere for the boy right after the news broke, contacting Al Dostour newspaper, which initially conducted the interview with the boy to help him get in touch. The Grand Imam decided to help the boy return to school, exempting him from all expenses as well as discussing a monthly allowance for the family from the Zakat account. 

In times of crisis, it’s exactly these touching stories we need to lighten the gloom a bit. Sympathizing with such genuine stories and acting upon your sympathy and actually using all the power you have to turn things around for the better and breaking the cycle of passiveness is the definition of humanity.

WE SAID THIS: Faith in humanity restored!