Ramadan Is Happening Twice in 2030 and We’re Not Ready

Remember just a couple of months ago when when the whole nation was expecting to celebrate Eid the next day only to realize it’s still Ramadan? Do you remember the memes and internet chaos? Well, multiply that frenzy by 10 because Ramadan is happening twice in 2030.

Via ichild.co

According to the lunar calendar, Ramadan moves back approximately 10 or 11 days every year. Social media just realized that in the year 2030, Ramadan is predicted to begin on January 6th and then again on December 26th. That means fasting twice in the same year for you!!

Before we all go into panic mode, the two Ramadans will still be the same time apart as every year, which is 11 months. It is just a coincidence that both of them will happen in 2030. Good news is, December and January are far away from summer’s hot weather, unless global warming has something else to say by then.

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