Ramadan 2021: Kamla Abu Zekry Announces That She Won’t Be Directing Season Two of ‘B 100 Wesh’

Via Egyptian Streets

In what could be a huge let down for millions of fans, star Director Kamla Abu Zekry announced that she won’t be involved in the second season of the hit series “B 100 Wesh”. It could be argued that “B 100 Wesh” was the most successful series during this year’s Ramadan season, and its ending left a space for fans to hope for a season two. Even though the director didn’t deny that a second season may actually happen, she just made it clear in an interview with ET BilArabi that she won’t be the one directing it.

She was asked if the reason why she won’t take it on is a problem with the production company, and she said that it definitely wasn’t the reason. Her reason was that she likes to try different things and that she wouldn’t be excited about doing 30 more episodes with the same characters and ideas.

She also announced that she doesn’t look to direct a series in Ramadan 2021, but would rather direct a movie instead and return to cinema. The movie will be called “Taht El Mazala”, adapted from Naguib Mahfouz’s novel. It’ll be written by Mariam Naoum and produced by K Media.

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