Radwa Hassan Surfing Is the Motivation That We All Need

Radwa Hassan, the first visually impaired presenter of a TV show in Egypt, was spotted breaking barriers once again in the North Coast. The brave host was surfing with the founder of Surf Camp Egypt, Omar El Sobky to accomplish what first seemed impossible. Seeking adventure, the brave determined Radwa wanted to ride the waves, and gave all of us the motivation we needed.

After riding her first wave for a few seconds, she was exhilarated. Her focus made her a natural, leaving her ready for more lessons. Her coach, Omar El Sobky, described the moment as one of the best in his teaching career.

Radwa is no stranger to challenges, prior to being a TV host on DMC’s Safira Aziza show, she was working on the radio station Yalla Beena on Radio 9090 on Sundays. Despite her disability, which was a result of high oxygen which damaged her retina after she was prematurely born. Full of life, she grew up aspiring to be a radio host but was met with rejection after graduation.  The fighter that she is, continued to pursue her education by taking  language, HR and communication courses which landed her several jobs amongst call center jobs.

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