Quarantine Summer: Fun Things to Do in Sahel

By Malak Khaled

As the temperature in Cairo starts increasing and the quarantine slowly begins to be lifted, people have started traveling to enjoy their summer in Sahel – a breath of fresh air after staying at home for so long.

This year’s Sahel is not like every year. This year, it’s an escape from the stress of quarantine because in Sahel there are way more activities to do than in the city. Actually, this year it’s a calm, relaxed and homely Sahel – a new side of Sahel that we don’t usually see.

Here are just some of the things you can do in Sahel this summer!

Visit beaches but keep your distance

Play board and card games

Go to the newly opened cinema in El Alamein

Find relaxation in meditation and yoga

Exercise, cycle and enjoy a calm night walk

Exercise your luck and patience by going fishing


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