’13 Reasons Why’ Star Katherine Langford in an Exclusive Featurette About Her Role in ‘Cursed’

Via Netflix Media Center CURSED (L TO R) KATHERINE LANGFORD as NIMUE in episode 104 of CURSED Cr. Netflix © 2020

One of the most anticipated projects this summer is the Netflix Original Series, “Cursed:! The series is set to be released on the 17th of July, and everyone is excited to watch it once it’s out. The drama series is based on an upcoming book of the same name, and is a re-imagining of the Arthurian legend told through the eyes of Nimue, a teenage heroine with a mysterious gift who is destined to become the powerful (and tragic) Lady of the Lake.

Nimue is portrayed by none other than the “13 Reasons Why” superstar, Katherine Langford! The Australian actress received a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actress for her role as Hannah Baker in the critically acclaimed series.

We got our hands on an exclusive featurette of Katherine talking about her upcoming role as Nimue, alongside some interesting BTS, and a teaser from the series!

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