Visualizing Palestine: The Platform Promoting Social Justice Through Statistics and Art

Images always circulate better than articles, especially when those images have the statistics you need to keep you informed. And because violence in Palestine has been ongoing for decades now, many stories go tragically unnoticed or receive little to no media attention. However, all these stories, even if repetitive, deserve to be talked about, especially due to how pervasive and chronic the struggle has become.

Sometimes, using visuals to illustrate certain stories gives them a better chance to reach a bigger audience, allowing more and more people to understand what’s really going on. This is what Visualizing Palestine does; they add shocking statistics that are not widely known to interesting visuals and images about Palestine and the hardships and injustice faced by the Palestinian population. They also aim to document stories of social injustice that don’t reach the mainstream media.

The project has covered major topics and contributed to their virality, from Khader Adnan’s famous hunger strike in Israeli detention in 2012 and results of the 2014 assault on Gaza, to Israel’s continuous demolition of Palestinian houses and the history of the Israeli occupation.

Their work has also been translated to Hindi, Spanish, Finnish, Dutch, French, Turkish, Swedish, Indonesian, Mandarin Chinese, and Basque! Scroll down to learn more about their work and how they succeeded in starting a much-needed conversation.

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