Premier League Returns: The Players in Hottest Form

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So, as we’ve mentioned above, with soccer back in full flow let’s look at which players seem to have made the best return.

The Golden Boys of June

Alisson – Liverpool

Liverpool may have only played twice since the Premier League’s return, yet the goalkeeper, Alisson, seems to be in emphatic form. Since the return to the Premier League, Liverpool managed a 0-0 away draw with Everton, and a 4-0 drumming of Crystal Palace just a few days ago. As you can see, Alisson hasn’t conceded a goal in either of these games.

It’s not just the fact that he hasn’t conceded a goal, it’s more that he has made some fantastic saves during this time too. With Liverpool now crowned champions, Alisson has been one of the most important players of the season.

Phil Foden – Manchester City

That’s right – this relatively unknown player has been incredible since Manchester City made their return to the Premier League. They’ve had three matches now, which has seen them score 9 goals, and 3 of these goals have been scored by Phil Foden alone. It’s not as though these goals have come at enormous moments or that they have drastically changed the outcome of the game. However, he’s looked super sharp and confident in recent games.

Foden has been favored by Guardiola for obvious reasons over the last few games, and who knows, maybe he will become a regular once we reach the 2020/2021 season. 

Mo Salah – Liverpool

Good old Mo Salah, he’s been sensational in Liverpool’s last two games. He may have only scored the one goal, yet he’s been as influential and creative out there on the pitch as he has always been. Mo Salah has that special touch on the ball, something that only a few in the Premier League can rival, and it’s no wonder he is Jurgen Klopp’s star man.
Salah just seems to have the ability to completely lift the team when he is on the field. He’s a phenomenal striker, and his personality also makes him a great leader, which is why we are sure that Liverpool will try and keep Salah in the roster for as long as possible. Now that Liverpool are champions, maybe he will take it easier, but then again, maybe he won’t!

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