Mental Health In Quarantine: 5 Amazing Pastimes To Keep You Sane

The COVID-19 outbreak has shaken up the world and there isn’t a better way to ensure safety than by practicing social distancing. Since a permanent solution still seems distant, you will need to stay at home and avoid outings for the months to come. While this approach can keep you safe from the virus, self-quarantine is not great for mental health. Social isolation can cause problems such as anxiety, depression, and stress in the long run. So it makes sense to pay as much attention to mental health as to our physical well-being. Here are some amazing pastimes you can adopt as a part of your quarantine routine to stay sane.

Stay connected with loved ones

Even if you are confined at home, you should go the extra mile to stay connected with your loved ones. While social media is a good way to be in touch, try making it more personal with regular video calls. Thankfully, there are several video conferencing apps you can use for connecting with your gang and even partying together virtually. It’s a good idea to have a routine when it comes to connecting with your friends, family, and colleagues.

Pamper yourself

It is easy to feel sad and lonely when you’re cooped up at home alone. And things can be even more challenging if you’re in quarantine with your partner and family because everyone seems to be frustrated and stressed out. Pampering yourself is a great way to stay sane and happy. Consider treating yourself with cheat meals or try dressing up on the weekends to feel good. Have a scented bath to relax once a while or binge-watch till late at night on weekends.

Entertain yourself with something exciting

Apart from the regular pastimes like reading, cooking, and gardening, you need to do something exciting enough to make you feel the adrenaline rushing. Surely, you cannot go on an adventure trip, so why not try your luck with online lotteries. Just check PlayUSALotteries and explore the game options it offers. It can be an awesomely exhilarating experience that relieves your stress. And who knows, you may end up making a fortune in one of the draws!  

Green up your living space

If you are fortunate enough to have a garden or a patio to create a green space, go ahead with the project. Or you may consider giving your home a “green makeover”, with a small vertical garden in the living room and a herbal shelf in the kitchen. You may even try creating one in your balcony if you live in an apartment rather than a house with a garden. A green space surely does wonders for your mental health and the hobby will keep you occupied as well.

Invest in your health

When it comes to staying sane in quarantine, nothing matters more than your health, and it’s about both physical fitness and mental well-being. Since you cannot go to the gym or on daily walks, it’s a good idea to start with an indoor fitness program. Don’t forget meditating every day because it’s vital to be calm and stress-free. Deep breathing exercises and yoga also help as holistic therapies.  

Staying sane during quarantine is easier than you believe, provided that you’re willing to realign your lifestyle. A positive attitude and awareness related to mental health can also make a big difference. 

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