Picture of The Day: The Mesmerizing Clear Waters of the Red Sea Through Taimour Othman’s Lens

As much as we despise the coronavirus, being forced into quarantine, and not having the chance to go out whenever we can, if you think about it, this pandemic has put the brakes on the industrialized world we currently live in. It’s giving our Earth a chance to breathe, and perhaps it’s also giving us a chance to see what the planet could be!

The WWF has started a movement to show us how our beautiful nature is healing during our lockdown. Taimour Othman has taken part in the initiative by posting on his social media platform a white-tip shark swimming in the clear waters of Egypt’s Red Sea.

Being part of the @wwf movement #BillionShadesOfGreen I’ll be flooding you with positive outdoor activity content in this global lockdown in case you all miss the outdoors like I do! Let’s flood the timeline with the positive things we miss!

Taimour Othman

WE SAID THIS: Would you take part in the initiative?