Ramadan is Coming and Caffeine Withdrawal is Scarier Than the Coronavirus Right Now

Ramadan is a week away and I’m still drinking five cups of coffee a day. I know you just judged me in your head for my unhealthy life choice, but I’ve got two kids; that caffeine is the only thing that keeps me going.

While the whole world is panicking about the rapidly spreading coronavirus, I, on the other hand, feel those long fasting hours coming closer and closer by the minute and it’s scarier than any virus. The headache, dizziness, snapping in meetings and psychotic traffic tantrums are just a few of the caffeine withdrawal symptoms we’re expecting this year.

So here are a few tips to keep your coffee addiction ‘Ta7t ElSaytara‘:

Ever heard of the term breastfeed weaning? Well, there’s coffee weaning for adults like us who make bad decisions

Can’t wean? then gradually start drinking your first cup of heaven later in the afternoon so by next week you are prepared to take your first sip at 7 PM. It would make sense to have it with suhour but that is an insomniac nightmare

Via Community Magazine

Drink lots of water to avoid dehydration headaches

Move down the caffeine hierarchy. Go from coffee to decaffeinated coffee to tea

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Punish yourself and boycott Starbucks

Go for a healthier less insomniac alternative. It commonly reported that green tea, ginseng tea, wheatgrass juice, and surprisingly lemon water can help your withdrawal symptoms

Via BBC Good Food

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