Hayatak Fi Soura: Picture Life With OPPO Reno5 Series Like The Super Star Mohamed Hamaki

Last year, we were reintroduced to the importance of technology in our lives all over again, connecting us, helping us communicate, and allowing us to stay in touch with our loved ones. Rarely do brands consider the human element in their technology, but fortunately, OPPO is one of the few brands that celebrates its consumers, and runs with the belief ‘Technology for Mankind, Kindness for the World.’ In the past few months, Egyptian superstar Mohamed Hamaki, has been showing us what it’s like to live your best moments with a smart phone that makes these moments complete; OPPO’s Reno5 series.

Whether you’re spending time playing with your pet, meeting friends, reminiscing old memories with family members, or celebrating your career achievements and accomplishments, Hamaki tells us that OPPO is with you every step of the way. Under the hashtag #حياتك_في_صورة#PictureLifeTogether, the latest collaboration between Hamaki and OPPO in the trending song Hayatak Fi Soura, shows us that OPPO Reno5 series can capture our best moments, our laughter together, and our favorite memories, all from its screen and camera. The Reno5 series shows how you can strengthen the bonds between you and your loved ones through Reno5’s limitless innovative features. You can listen to the full song here.

Equipped with the new OPPO Full Dimension Fusion (FDF) Portrait Video System, the Reno5 series offers users a premium video experience with flexible software and smart algorithms to improve video quality and portrait effects. The unique Reno5 series also includes AI Highlight Video: an industry-leading feature combining OPPO’s Ultra Night Video Algorithms, and Live HDR Algorithms that significantly enhances video quality on both front and rear cameras, delivering videos that are brighter, less noised, and with more accurate colors that stand out. Fun fact: SOLOOP, OPPO’s exclusive smart video editor, is now accessible from the camera interface, providing exciting features to create seamless portrait videos.

As for photographs, Image Clear Engine (ICE), which is embedded into OPPO Reno5 series operating system, allows you to take quick snapshots while your subject is moving, so if your kids are playing sports, or your friend is acting in a play, you can still capture the moment on camera. OPPO Reno5 offers Ultra Night Selfie Mode to brighten both the dimly lit environment, and the people within the shot. And last but not least, Reno5’s Ultra Dark Mode can capture what’s almost invisible to the naked eye.

When the world was introduced to 5G technology, OPPO hopped on! With ultra-fast charging and 5G connectivity, OPPO Reno5 5G gives you top 5G performance while lasting longer than you ever needed. OPPO Reno5 5G is also armed with 65W SuperVOOC 2.0Flash, while OPPO Reno5 is armed with 50W flash charge, a large 4310mAh battery for OPPO Reno5 version and 4300mAh battery for OPPO Reno5 5G version. The Reno5 series will make you forget your concerns about the battery life.

The Reno5 version comes in two colors: the “ever-changing color” of Fantasy Silver and the Starry Black, whereas OPPO Reno5 5G version comes in two colors: Galactic Silver and the Starry Black. The mobile phone leaves no room for fingerprints and grease, and possesses a bright colored back cover due to its large and accurately designed reflective area.

OPPO Reno5 5G is available in two finishes: Galactic Silver and Starry Black. Both models are available for purchase at a retail price of EGP 7990, while OPPO Reno5 is available in two finishes: Fantasy Silver and Starry Black. Both models are available for purchase at a retail price of EGP 5990. You can purchase this readily available technological gem from here. If you’re looking for a trendy, unique, and worth your money phone, look nowhere other than OPPO.

OPPO Reno5 series is available in the market with two versions: Reno5 5G and Reno5 which stands for Reno5 4G.

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