Petition Against Hunting Live Birds in Nady El Seid Circulates Online

By Sarah Alblowi 

Unlike, crimes against people, crimes, and acts of violence against animals are not always reported nor cared for. This leaves creatures like pigeons to be used as a prop for cruel hunters in shooting clubs across the nation.

Locals are sick of this evil destruction of innocence against the pigeons in practicing sporting clubs. Especially the given fact that these creatures simply spread their wings to fly out captivity at the clubs then met with a penetrating bullet. After being wounded, the feathered creatures suffer and are left for hours awaiting a slow painful death.

This violent act is not a sport but a form of animal abuse which can simply be replaced with alternatives such as frisbees and other objects. Shooters can still freely engage in the practice by mindfully selecting a non-living target. 

Via woodpigeonhunting

According to Nevine Helmy, the heroine behind the petition, the deceased, unwanted, and not seemingly appetizing enough victims are picked up from the ground and higher platforms such as roofs and towers. Drowned in blood, only to be trashed, these innocent birds are served a painful death sentence.

This method of hunting even goes against Muslim morals, since it’s torturous. In Islam, slaughtering of an animal is done by beheading, guaranteeing a brisk, and agony-free death compared to alternative approaches. 

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The lack of regulations and knowledge is the reason for this disruptive so-called sport. If you’re a current shooter, educate yourself and find inspiration by signing this petition. This heinous act also has many disadvantages like spreading diseases, as well as the inconvenience of dead birds plunged in neighboring private balconies and roofs.

When you’re ready, with a big heart, please sign the petition here.

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