Mesh Bel Ahmar: This Awareness Campaign Can Definitely Save Lives!

The Arab world, like other different regions, has a number of misconceptions that can harm or even end lives! Widespread illiteracy and lack of education, alongside wrong customs and traditions, solidify the harm that could be done by misinformation.

Here’s where the role of the media, civil society, and educated individuals is much-needed to spot, highlight, and tackle societal issues and misinformation and try to spread awareness on sensitive cases.

What started as a group project by students from Ain Shams Univesity is now a proper awareness campaign that has great potential to go viral and impact countless lives positively. Mesh Bel Ahmar is an awareness campaign to limit the spread of misinformation about the hymen and virginity.

Their aim is to clarify the misunderstood dogma about virginity to the greatest number of people possible.

WE SAID THIS:  Every educated individual has a duty and a role to play in ending this dogma.