The Perfect Christmas Wishlist

Sometimes we wish Santa really did exist – oh, the joys he would bring! Unfortunately, he does not (sorry to rain on your parade). But the internet does and it comes bearing some beautiful things that have the talent of maxing out our credit cards. We’ve put bills aside for a moment and compiled the perfect Christmas wishlist.


Luxe Faux fur Bunting: $40.00


We love these adorable throw ons for the little ones. Not only will they keep them warm, but they’ll look super cute rocking them as well.


Damn Good Advice Book: $10.00


Damn Good Advice (For People With Talent!) is a look into the mind of one of America’s most legendary creative thinkers, George Lois. It offers great advice, lessons, facts, inspiration and anecdotes. It’s basically the bible of creativity, a perfect gift to inspire that lazy person with massive potential.


Prada Invoice Pullover: $80.00


Because who wouldn’t want this? A Prada invoice on a pullover! I understand there’s a difference between want and need. But this, this I definitely need.


Tequila Buffet: $160.00


For the avid Tequila drinker. This beautifully carved wooden display is a great addition to the holiday celebrations.


HDMI Pocket projector: $299.00


Calling all tech-savvies. Be the star of every night in with this pocket projector. Bored? No worries, I’ve got just the thing…


Wool & Leather MacBook Sleeve: $87.00


This sleeve screams subtle-class. A deep caramel, genuine leather creation, we would actually try and pull the whole “being good” thing to get this in our stocking.


Canvas & Leather Weekend Bag by Ralph Lauren: $460.00


If “perfect bag design” was a thing, this would be it. I’m in actual awe over this duffel. Ralph could do no wrong, and this is some solid proof.


Bose QuietComfort 15 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones: $500.00


Best Bose headphones out there. Less outside world, more music. Who can ask for anything better? Not sure you want to spend such a large amount of money on a pair of headphones? Read this noise cancelling headphone comparison: Bose QC35 II vs. Sony WH-1000XM3 to help you make your mind up.


Solo E Sola Espresso & Cigarette Cup: $57.00


Cigarettes need some loving too! We love this little two-in-one design. Espresso smokers, rejoice!


Moschino Backpack:


It’s black. It’s Moschino. It’s super trendy. Santa, please!


Cozy Hobos – ‘White Original’: 250 L.E.


Snuggle extreme! We’re actually a bit scared of getting this and then never leaving the house again. Look how comfortable she looks! We’re jellys and we want!


WE SAID THIS: Mariah Carey, after checking out our wishlist are you sure all you still want for Christmas is “him”? No, we didn’t think so either.