Are People Stealing Food and Eating It at Carrefour Egypt Instead of Shopping?

Via Black February


Photos have surfaced online of what seems like a Carrefour Egypt branch, with an apocalyptic twist. Facebook page فبراير الأسود (which translates to Black February) have posted a total of 26 photos that allegedly show goods and products that have been stolen, eaten and thrown away on the ground.


Via Black February


The post has been only up for an hour but it already garnered two thousand likes and 600+ shares.


The post reads: To the people who are making fun of this whole situation, bear in mind that those people are just hungry and not thieves. You should look for the people that made them like that.


With Egypt’s economy going down the drain and the prices skyrocketing, some people are defending the act that happened with comments such as, “They’re not thieves, they’re just hungry.” While others completely disagreed and said, “People who say those people were just hungry don’t know what actual hungry people look like. The people you’re talking about would not even know what Carrefour or Pringles is.”


The post reads: Don’t defend these people that you call “hungry” because they aren’t Actual hungry people don’t even know places such as Carrefour. The hungry won’t care for Pringles or chocolate or cheese. The hungry will care for rice and bread. Whoever did this hideous act are just rubbish, and they are thieves.



Here are more pictures from the real life Hunger Games at Carrefour:













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