Pay $15 to message me on Facebook

Facebook is looking to charge users as much as $15 to send messages to public figures and others outside their usual network, with a new payment scheme designed to reduce the amount of spam on the site.

The charges would apply to private messages sent to other members’ inboxes, something that is currently free for all users regardless of whether they are ‘friends’ with the receiver. But the world’s largest social network believes implementing a payment system with a sliding scale of fees depending on the popularity of the recipient will help to kill off much of the spam in circulation.

It isnt enough with the boom of cash that Facebook started making with the Pages tools and the advertising and post promotions. And keep in mind the Mobile advertising features that are still going to be rolled in.

It is currently being tested in the UK market and will probably start rolling out to other markets really soon.

WE SAID THIS: I Wonder if it’s my right to get a cut from the messages being sent to me?