Patients Evacuated From Cairo’s Al-Hussien University Hospital In Wake Of Fire Breakout

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By Nada Hamouda

According to the Health Ministry, three people were injured after a fire broke out at Al-Hussien University Hospital on Saturday in Cairo. Therefore, up to 115 patients were evacuated from the hospital and admitted to other nearby hospitals that follows al-Azhar institution.

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The initial examination indicated that a short circuit of an air conditioner might have caused the fire. Moreover, more than ten firefighters were called to put out the fire which erupted in the fourth floor.

Al-Hussien University Hospital is one of Al-Azhar University hospitals which is funded and supervised by Al-Azhar institution. Hence, the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar, Sheikh Ahmed al-Tayyib, launched an immediate investigation to know the reasons behind the fire and to hold the defaulters accountable.

WE SAID THIS: May all the patients get well soon!