Palestinians Pushed Against A Wall: All About The Tent City Planned To Accommodate Thousands

Following the mass killing of thousands of Palestinians who continue to get pushed more and more into the south of the Gaza Strip, their fate now lies in what is called the “Tent City.” At Rafah, a massive tent city is getting built in the south of the Gaza border. The space is expected to hold tens of thousands of Palestinians who are said are going to become stateless refugees. There are talks that Israel’s heavy bombardment of central and southern Gaza could lead to refugees crossing the border to Egypt.

There is a significant lack of accommodation in Rafah and this has led families to have to think on their feet and install tents in public streets, schools and open barren land. Living in tents means that the Palestinian refugees have no access to water, food, electricity, kitchens or bathrooms. Coupled with that are unsanitary conditions that increase spread of diseases among the population.

A lot of Palestinians faced a very long and arduous journey before being fated with living in a tent city. One Palestinian woman spoke of how much she had to suffer before arriving to Rafah, “During the current war, I was forced to be displaced five times(…) First, I was displaced from my house in Gaza city to Al-Nuseirat refugee camp. After that, I went to  Deir al-Balah, then to Khan Younis and finally to Rafah.”

Fated to stay in these tents coupled with not knowing what will happen next has placed thousands of Palestinians in a state of uncertainty and fear for what else lies in store for them.

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