20 Trucks Finally Offloading At Rafah Crossing

Hours, after the Hamas group released two American hostages, 20 trucks at the Egyptian side of Rafah crossing, queued up and finally released humanitarian aid to Palestine; the trucks carried everything from food to medical supplies.

The American Embassy in Israel has announced opening the Rafah crossing at 10 in the morning. The Rafah crossing has opened today for the first time since the start of the ongoing war in the region on October 7. Not a grain of food has been allowed by Israel to be sent to Rafah amid the humanitarian crisis and dire conditions two million Palestinians are suffering from in Gaza. This is despite Israel’s decision to cut water, and electricity on Gaza.

Since last Saturday, humanitarian aid trucks have been loaded at full capacity with canned food, water, and medical supplies waiting to cross to the Palestinian region. Significantly, these are the only kind of aid allowed, and despite the critical need for fuel, not a drop of fuel is allowed.

The offloading is happening truck by truck, for each Egyptian truck there is another one from the Palestinian side, this process of loading and offloading can take up to six hours.

“The 20 trucks are a drop in the sea of dire need,” said Nebal Farsakh, the spokesperson of the Palestinian Red Crescent to Al Jazeera this morning.

Although this is considered a positive step that might encourage other consequent humanitarian aid, however, many people are worried that 20 trucks filled with food and water won’t be enough to feed two million people or safely relieve the huge humanitarian crisis.

Since the start of the Israeli attacks, 7 hospitals in Gaza have been out of service due to a lack of resources and running out of fuel. There is another need for providing a safe humanitarian crossing for wounded Palestinians to seek medical help in Egypt.

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