First Humanitarian Aid Shipment to Gaza Remains Largely Inadequate

Soon after the first shipment of humanitarian aid arrived at Egyptian Rafah Port set to be delivered to the Gaza Strip, Egyptians who had been sleeping there for days breathed a sigh of relief as they cried tears of joy, applauding and thanking god.

However, these moments of joy are not to be mistaken as a victory, as much as a brief relief since this is the first aid delivered to Gaza since October 7. An opinion soon after was formulated, saying that it is a disaster to celebrate as little amount of aid as only 20 trucks.

“If the aid does not meet our enormous needs, it is useless and worthless,” said the Head of the State Media Office in Gaza.

“The people of Gaza need a commitment for much much more, a continuous delivery of aid to Gaza at a scale that is needed,” wrote Antonio Guterres Secretary General of the United Nations through X.

On X, “the Egyptians did it,” became a trending hashtag only a few hours after the news of 20 trucks entering the Palestinian side of the Rafah border.

It is noteworthy that there are more than 180 trucks already waiting on the Egyptian Rafah Crossing, but the problem, as the spokesperson of the Palestinian crescent Nebal Farshakh said to Al Jazeera this morning, is that the occupation authorities not letting in enough aid.

In addition to that, Farsakh expresses the dire need for fuel; something that the Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization have repeatedly requested, and was not provided in today’s shipment.

“On normal days, 500 aid trucks used to enter Gaza. While amid the massacres and the cut of water and electricity, the dire health condition, celebrating only 20 aid trucks is a disaster,” wrote Almeqdad on X.

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