Palestinian Food Bloggers To Keep On Your Radar For An Authentic Culinary Arab Journey

We’ve curated a handful list of Palestinian food bloggers that are guaranteed to give you an authentic Middle Eastern experience. From Tea With Arwa to Palestine on a Plate, check out the eclectic list below.

Arwa Abousamra – Tea With Arwa

Arwa Abousamra is a Palestinian food blogger from Australia. She is based in Sydney, Australia, and is the founder of ‘Tea with Arwa’ on Instagram. Arwa is very vocal about Palestinian rights on social media and can find her appearing at many Pro-Palestinian protests and gatherings. Her recipes mainly showcase authentic Middle Eastern dishes from Palestine such as Maklouba along with occasional traditional Western dishes like burgers and pasta.

Heifa Odeh – Fufu In The Kitchen

Heifa Odeh is a Palestinian food blogger based in Chicago, United States. Her food blog on Instagram, ‘Fufu In The Kitchen’ has over 110k followers. Her blog focuses heavily on Palestinian cuisine but with a more healthy and nutritious take on authentic dishes. Such as Hummus b’ Lahmeh which is a chickpea dip topped with meat and pine nuts creating a protein-packed side. Heifa is also the Writer of the cookbook ‘Dine In Palestine’ and is Saveurmag‘s ‘Best Food Culture Blog Winner‘ of 2019.

Joudie Kalla – Palestine On A Plate

Joudie Kalla is a Palestinian food influencer, activist and author of her cookbooks ‘Baladi: Palestine – A Celebration of Food from Land and Sea‘ and ‘Palestine On A Plate.’ Joudie is based in London, United Kingdom, her books contain authentic Palestinian recipes inspired by her homeland. She donates a portion of her income to the Palestinian House of Friendship in Nablus, which assists children, youth, and their families in West Bank towns, villages, and refugee camps. With a following of over 200k, she provides information about the cooking workshops she teaches on Zoom, where she teaches Palestinian classics like Malfouf.

Wafa Shami – Palestine In A Dish

Wafa Shami is a Palestinian blogger and writer of Palestine In A Dish, her recipes can be found on her website. Her dishes greatly revolve around her Palestinian heritage, creating traditional meals like Shish Barak. Shish Barak is considered to be a winter comfort dish with a similar concept to a dumpling. It’s a simple dough filled with seasoned minced meat, cooked in a yogurt-based sauce topped with toasted pine nuts.

Yasmin Khan – Yasmin Khan Stories

Yasmin Khan is a best-selling food writer and presenter based in London, United Kingdom. She’s the author of the Award-Winning cookbook ‘The Saffron Tales, Zaitoun & Ripe Figs’ and is an activist and public speaker on themes such as Middle Eastern human rights. Yasmin’s Instagram has a following of over 40k which features her travel posts as well as home-cooked Palestinian and Mediterranean recipes. Her other book, ‘Zaitoun: Recipes and Stories from the Palestinian Kitchen’, is widely regarded as one of the most in-depth books on Palestinian cookery. She believes that her books will use daily stories to foster human connection and combat Middle Eastern stereotypes.

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