Take Your Taste-buds On A Trip To The Gulf With These khaleeji-Inspired Restaurants

Often Kabsa is the first meal people think of when they hear khaleeji food, while it is a popular meat over rice dish its not the only feed khaleeji food has to offer.

Here are some spots around Egypt that will take you to the gulf.

Majrashi – Saudi

This laid-back this take have your taste buds dancing. Along with kabsa, other items on the menu include Biryani, tagine and Madghout, which as the name suggests means (pressure). Referring the way in which the meat is cooked, resulting in a pressure-cooked fall of the bone dish. This restaurant has two locations, one in Mohandessin and the other in Agouza.

Dubai House – Emirati

The success of its parent firm, Arabian Tea House in Dubai, was a major factor in its establishment in the magnificent city of Cairo. The goal of opening Dubai House is to retain Arab cultural identity by drawing inspiration from passed-down family recipes from Emirati homes. This Emirati gem is located in El-Korba, Heliopolis

Bab Al Yemen – Yemeni

This Yemeni cuisine offers a variety of dishes including lamb, beef, and fish dishes, they have only shop located in the Dokki, Giza.

Dar Nour – Kuwaiti

This spot offers authentic Kuwaiti cuisine located along Cairo’s Nile River in Bulaq.

Raydan Restraunant – Saudi

This Saudi spot offers common Saudi dishes like Kabsa along with Saleeg, it is a white-rice dish, cooked with broth and milk. It originates in Hejaz region in the west of Saudi Arabia, where it is commonly regarded as a national dish of the region. The dish is a popular dish that has a similar texture to risotto. Located in 6 of October City.

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