Meet Amin Maalouf: The Lebanese-French Author To Lead The Prestigious French Academy

This past Thursday, Lebanese-French author, Amin Maalouf was selected to lead the Academie Francaise. Following, Claude Lévi-Strauss, Maalouf is set to become the permanent secretary of the prestigious French academy.

Maalouf, who in 1993 for “The Rock of Tanios” won France’s most esteemed literary award, the Prix Goncourt, was thought to be a logical option due to his extremely active participation in the organization since his election in 2011.

Maalouf, a novelist and essayist, began his writing career as a foreign correspondent for a newspaper.

His books include “The Rock of Tanios,” “Leo Africanus,” and “Samarkand,” among others. “The Crusades Through Arab Eyes” is one of his best-known non-fiction works.

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