Our Exclusive Sitdown With the Directors Behind the First Arabic Netflix Original Series, Jinn!

Via Juan Naharro Gimenez

Since coming out last week, everyone has been talking about Jinn, the first ever Arabic Netflix Original series to be produced. The series follows the story of a group of teenagers who’s friendship is tested when they unknowingly summon Jinn into their world. It is set in modern Amman and ancient Petra, making the series so relateable to the entire Middle East region.

We had an exclusive sit down with the directors of the series, Mir-Jean Bou Chaaya and Amin Matalqa.

Is it stressful or relieving that you’re the ones setting the bar of expectations for Arabic Netflix Original Series?

Amin: I think it was good stress. It’s an opportunity and a responsibility to make something that tells a local story while having to make it universal and relatable to audience worldwide.

Mir-Jean: I had a combination of different emotions. It is a great opportunity. Yet we did the maximum effort to reach the best regardless of what we’ll be competing against.

Netflix Originals are watched worldwide and not only in the region. How did you prepare the show to be relatable to international audiences?

Mir-Jean: I wanted to stay real with the characters and the story. Wanted everything to be authentic in order to stick to the uniqueness of the show.

Amin: The themes of being a teenager, bullying, friendship, and love in high-school are all relatable to the audience all over the world.

If you’d cast an international actor for the next season, who do you think you’ll pick?

Amin: I think we’d love to stick to Jordanian actors to keep the authenticity of the show, but if we’re talking about an exchange student for example, maybe Dusty from Stranger Things can be a great addition.

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