[Exclusive] We Interviewed Jinn’s Mira and Keras!

Via Juan Naharro Gimenez

The Middle East’s entertainment industry was reshaped when Netflix announced they were producing their first ever Arabic original series, Jinn. The series premiered last Thursday in more than 190 countries, dubbed in six languages and subbed in even more languages.

Via Juan Naharro Gimenez

The series is set in modern Amman and ancient Petra, and it follows the story of a group of teenagers as their friendships are put to the test when they unknowingly invite supernatural forces into their world.

Jinn will be the first of many Arabic Netflix originals to follow, including Al Rawabi International School for Girls and Paranormal, that are both set to join the slate in the near future.

We had an exclusive sit down with Salma Malhas, who’s playing Mira, and Hamzeh Okab, who’s playing Keras. Mira and Keras’ characters are well connected with one another, as Keras is Mira’s jinn. They both had extraordinary chemistry during the first season and proved how talented and promising they are as young rising actors.

Describe your character in three words, and the other character in one word.

Salma: Mira is demanding, strong, and emotional. And I think Keras is goal-oriented.

Hamzeh: I think Keras is Mysterious, lonely, and strong witted. While I think Mira is a powerful character.

How did you get ready for your role?

Salma: We all got a 3-week workshop taking different techniques from someone who worked before with our director, Mir Jean. Some of us had previous experiences in acting, but for me this was the first time in front of the camera.

Hamzeh: One of the things that really helped us all stay in character is that we call each other with the character’s name during the entire weeks of shooting. Even when we were just chilling, they still called me Keras and not Hamzeh.

How excited were you when you knew you were casted as the protagonist of the first Arabic Netflix Original?

Salma: When we were first cast we didn’t know which character was the leading role. We just got a few lines from each one. I don’t know why I picked Mira when I was presented two other characters. With every audition, I was more into her. And I was so excited when I first knew who my Jinn was.

What are your future plans after Jinn?

Hamzeh: I think I’ll focus on my education. I won’t pursue things, but if an opportunity presents itself then why not?

Salma: I’ll also return to university, but I’m on board if there are interesting projects.

If Salma Malhas was a DJ in real life, what would you play?

Recently I really got into techno and deep house, so I think that is what I’m going to play.

If you’d star in a different Netflix Original series, what would it be?

Salma: The OA.

Hamzeh: Fargo.

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