Modest Fashion Tips for All Hijabi Women

By Heba Talaat Mohamed

Modest wearing is now spreading rapidly in the fashion industry. Brands are starting to introduce new lines giving hijabi women more space to express themselves through their outfits. Many girls are now enjoying more options in the market as a result of this change. However, you can still enjoy some other pieces with other modest pieces to nail your outfit. Check the following tips to keep your modest look but still rock it!

Shop Lightweight Layering Pieces 

Hijabi girls tend to wear several layers of clothes to have a fashionable outfit. We say, make sure you shop for lightweight layers for you to have a comfortable modest outfit yet still stay chic! 

One-piece is the key! 

The one-piece technique will not only cost you less money but will also make it easier for you to create an on-point outfit that’s effortlessly stylish. 

Wide-Leg Pants

Wide-leg pants have become a must-have piece for every woman in 2019. Also, wide-leg pants will not only maintain your modesty but keep you cooler than a pair of tights or shorts will. 

Stick to Light Colors

Light colors reflect heat from the sun and therefore will help you feel cool when it’s hot outside. But still, it’ll give you the chance to create your own colorful outfit resulting in more unique looks. 

Look for Long Shirts

Via: Instagram/sauf.etc

Long shirts will keep you covered and give you the comfort that you need. You’ll also achieve a neat yet chic look! Make sure you don’t wear wide-leg pants with them though! 

Oversized Outfits Will Do the Job!

Via: Pentirest

One of the easiest techniques to achieve a modest stylish look are oversized pieces. You cannot pass on an oversized denim jacket! 

Don’t Be Afraid to Try!

Via: Instagram/Dinatokio

Although modest looks are all about simplicity, they leave plenty of room for trying several different looks for you to create your very own style. You can achieve a very special look without having to follow what’s on trend. 

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