Orange Egypt’s Dragon Ad Just Got its Own LEGO Version

via LegoGraphic Films “Hussein Hakem’s LEGO Videos”

One ad that has caused all kinds of feedback on social media is Orange Egypt’s Dragon advert featuring seven of Egypt’s biggest Social media names. Hussein Hakem, the founder of  LegoGraphic Films “Hussein Hakem’s LEGO Videos” Facebook page, is known for creating videos mimicking big Hollywood scenes using Lego characters.

Last Ramadan, Hakem created a hilarious video spoofing Orange Egypt’s Ramadan ad starring Mohamed Henedy. This time, the artist decided to turn his LEGO characters into influencers and we love it.

Watch how your favorite social media comedians just got LEGO’ed:

اعلان اورنج دراجون LEGO

نجوم السوشيال ميديا متجمعين ف اعلان جديد ل Orange الالوان في الاعلان هي اكتر حاجة لفتت نظري فقررت اعمله بالLEGOبطولة: Marwan Younis, Hesham Afifi, Jamila Adel Awad , Hesham Mansour, @amr wahba, Mohamed Elboraiy , Khaled Jwad , Omar HilalOrange LEGOIMPACT BBDOImpact BBDO Cairoلينك اليوتيوب:الجديد_فيه_الأجدد_منه#التنين_وصل#LEGO#orange_eg#orange

Posted by LegoGraphic Films on Saturday, February 24, 2018

WE SAID THIS: We are impatiently waiting for Mohamed Ramadan Etisalat’s ad.