RamaScoops 2016: Orange Ads Will Make Every Egyptian Smile


Stars are usually fashionably late. And oh, were they worth the wait! Orange’s latest campaign stands out uniquely from the competition; they first started with an introduction, stirring anticipation in the market. Everyone is waiting to see what Orange will come up with; it is their first Ramadan campaign after they rebranded into Orange (and the Mabrook inta Orange campaign), and historically Mobinil has always been a key player in the Ramadan race, with heartwarmers such as Dayman Ma3 Ba3dFa3el Kheir and more.



The overall campaign is very relevant as it includes Egyptians of all backgrounds. Not only that, they’re also backed by classically loved jingles and super-smart copy-writing; each copy tapped into a habit firmly rooted into Ramadan traditions. Be it football in all its forms (foosball, street matches, Playstation, rental pitch or dawra Ramadaneya), Za7ma (let’s not dwell into that any further), or traveling to the beach while you’re fasting (and the pain that comes with it).



The campaign insight is very relevant to the offer as it shows how Orange is with you throughout the whole day in Ramadan; through offering packages before and after Iftar, or a package for the whole day.


Their celebrity choice was also very witty, the combination of Ahmed Fahmy and Akram Hosni was very successful and in-line with the lighthearted message they want to convey. They’re funny, approachable and not too overused by other brands. Copy-writing, wittiness, approachable celebrities, loved jingles and great direction are all factors making this campaign a joy to watch. I keep playing this over and over again with a smile on my face.



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