Here’s Why Tseppas Will Give You #Ka7kGoals This Ramadan


Every Eid, my house is filled with several generations of family, from the newborns to college grads to teta’s bustling around the house, filling up seconds, snapping selfies, and pouring shai. When it comes time to dessert there was no shortage of sweet treats, but by far the family favorite was my mom’s homemade ka7k. As my first Eid away from home, I’ve started to miss the family, chaos, and of course, the ka7k. Last week, I was being a couch potato at home and an ad popped on TV that changed my life (in the most delicious way possible). It was a Tseppas ad. I got off the couch and instantly went to try it out. In a sea of ka7ks, especially during Ramadan, it’s hard to find that one place that could fill the hole in my heart that only my family’s ka7k could fill. But despite being thousands of miles away from San Francisco, I’ve finally found a cure to my homesickness: Tseppas.



Tseppas is baking up some scrumptious traditional ka7k as well as some treats with a twist this Eid. I’m filling up the hole left in my Ramadan heart with ka7k galore. I have a new found excitement for Tseppas‘ eye popping turquoise box which has now brought me a sense of joy and a feeling of home this holy month, and Eid in the coming days. Tseppas is nothing less than Instagramable, I mean their account is one to envy to say the least. Eid won’t be the same without the comfort of home and family, but at least I’ll have Tseppas‘ ka7k to bring me back to my memories of Eid traditions.

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