An Open Letter to People Who Think Game of Thrones Spoilers Are Okay


For those who still haven’t watched the TV show Game of Thrones, we beg you, do not proceed with this article because you will never grasp the sheer frustration we are ranting about. As for our fellow GOT fanatics, we find ourselves disappointed with how insensitive some of you are.

We all have been waiting for season six for 12 miserable months. The death of Jon Snow was the definition of cruelty, the epitome of sadism and there is simply no worse cliffhanger even if every writer in the history of authors tried his/her best.

On this sad day, we cannot fathom how the biggest question of the year has been spoiled by social media two days after the episode aired. Websites and Facebookers of Egypt, you do realize it was a long weekend, right? Most citizens left the city for a break and Egyptian Internet is absolute crap, which automatically means most citizens could not download the episode, which also automatically means that no one knew the very big ending that happened in the second episode of the sixth season.

I swear by everything that is George R.R. Martin and the power of Cersei Lanester, if I see one more website publishing an article with a hint that is so much as a maybe-spoiler, I will report you, then harass your comments section for eternity. If you’re a regular social media user who can’t help but share the death and resurrections of the show in statuses, I will print your profile picture and stick it to a voodoo doll. If you ever meet me anywhere at anytime, don’t even discuss anything that is season six with me or I will punch you in the face until the only word you can say is Hodor.



WE SAID THIS: Rant over. Thank you.