One Month Later: The World is Shaken by Lebanon’s Resilience

Nearly one month ago, a massive explosion took place at a port in Beirut, killing over 180 people, injuring thousands, displacing around 300,000 people, and leaving the city in ruins. As we mark one month past this tragedy, we take a look at the efforts, incidents, and results we have so far.

A few days after the blast, the Lebanese government stepped down, and called the incident a “disaster beyond measure”. Despite the government’s negligence, the Lebanese people were quick to get to the streets and clean up the debris scattered all over the city.

Some of the first reactions to the blast were raising awareness and fundraisers to help the people in Lebanon. Both local and international organizations, as well as non-profit organizations, worked on collecting money, and allocating funds wherever needed, to help those who have been severely injured and those who were displaced and left homeless. From NGOs raising funds to local and international brands allocating a sum of their proceeds to Lebanon, people stood hand in hand to help the country rise back from the ashes.

After the immense efforts of Locate Victims Beirut, the account dedicated to locating victims under the rubble and connecting them with their families, many of those displaced have been found and reunited with their loved ones. More so, a number of engineers and architects have been volunteering to work on-ground to help rebuild homes and offices that were destroyed.

And it wasn’t just the people who got affected, the animals were struggling too. But in a month’s time, 342 volunteers managed to rescue 89 animals and give 237 animals veterinary care, and they’re still committed to supporting and helping more and more animals who need food, adoption, and care.

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Beirut explosion – one month later Today marks the one month anniversary of the devastating Beirut explosion. More than 190 died, more than 7,000 injured, 300,000 homeless, and billions of dollars of damage. Beirut is a disaster zone. Animals Lebanon team and more than 300 volunteers have worked round the clock every single day to help every animal affected by the explosion. This was the most work we have ever done in one month since Animals Lebanon started 12 years ago. We have compiled some stories since the explosion; our shelter at the time of the blast where a few of our cats got injured; our team on the ground 2 hours after; our team in the destroyed buildings looking for pets that got lost form the blast or those that their guardians needed first aid; and some happy reunions. Because of your support we are able to bring hope, joy and happiness to so many people. There are still many more animals that need to be rescued. Many animals we are caring for as their guardians are injured or homeless. Cats and dogs that we rescued and are caring for and need to find great adopters. Support for the pets in the affected area to make life a bit easier for their families during this time. Please donate to our Go Fund me campaign to help us reach every animal in need. (link in bio) Our Impact So Far 2 – hours after explosion that team deployed to help 580+ – requests for help we have received from people 342 – people volunteered in the search and rescue and care 237 – animals given veterinary care 106 – animals taken to our shelter 89 – rescued animals currently needing adoption 112 – lost animals reunited with their guardians 5,150 – kilograms of food distributed for affected animals 6,700+ – hours spent on the ground in affected area Thank you to every single person in Lebanon and around the world who has made this possible. We are still at the beginning of responding to this terrible disaster and we need your help to keep going. Keep up to date with all the work and rescued animals #beirutexplosion #lebanon #searchandrescue #animalsearchandrescue #animalrescue #animalslebanon

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As tough as this tragedy was for the whole city of Beirut, it reminded us of the persistence and determination of the people of Lebanon, and their resistance towards seemingly inevitable challenges.

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