One Epic Thing Egyptian Millennials Missed Is TV Show ‘Mawakef We Tara2ef’

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Dear Egyptian Millennials, if there is one thing you will never experience as a child, it is staring at your television every Thursday night in the late 80s at TV show Mawakef We Tara2ef. For years, TV show host Galal Allam brought us on a weekly basis the most jaw-dropping moments that made our lives in Egypt feel mundane.

This show was one of the most iconic memories of our country. Nothing will ever replace it, even though now at the tip of your finger, you can watch everything from around the world, yet sadly, nothing seems to impress us anymore. That is the beauty of the 80s and 90s. The shock and endehash factor were much easier.

This is what Thursday nights used to be like:




Before the Internet happened, this used to be our only window to a world that was not Egypt. The device is called a television, by the way:






After a whole week of anticipation, the intro music would start and send shivers down our spines, which meant we were about to witness insanities from around the world:





The man of the hour, Galal Allam, would finally make our week with his episode, bringing us the latest in bull fighting, peculiar and funny animal behaviour, people with insane abilities and celebrities!


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Now worry not our dear millennials: You still have the chance to experience an endehasha with Galal Allam. Egyptian’s favourite chocolate wafer Freska wants all of us to enroll in their Endehash Academy, which will be under the supervision of Professor Gallal, who will give you courses on how to be the best endehash student and answer all of their Facebook quizzes successfully.



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