Omar Sharky Wins Funniest Reaction to New Fuel Prices

For the fourth time in the past eight years, Egypt raises fuel prices during the complete removal of its subsidies. The dramatic turn of events was announced on the second day of Eid Al-Fitr and Egyptians have been meme creating non-stop ever since.

The government announced that the price of the cooking gas cylinder will be EGP 50 instead of EGP 30 and the commercial gas cylinder’s prices to be EGP 100 instead of EGP 60. As for vehicles, the 95 gasoline went up from EGP 6.6/litre to EGP 7.7, the 92 octane gasoline surged from EGP 5/litre to EGP 6.75, and the 80 gasoline rose from EGP 3.65 to EGP 5.5.

While Egyptians had all sorts of reactions to the quite painful news, Omar Sharky just rules the Internet throne. The Internet vlogging sensation/rising actor just posted a hilarious video reenacting a famous Mafia movie scene. This video is all of us carpooling to Sahel this summer.

WE SAID THIS: We think it’s time we start cycling our way through Cairo.