Of Light & Clay: Experience The Fusion of Art, Music and Dance in Downtown Cairo

The Downtown Cairo Townhouse Gallery will be transformed into a captivating realm where art, music, and dance intertwine in a fusion known as ‘Of Light & Clay’ on September 1st. The event, curated by the Caribbean-British artist Clé Hunnigan, marks the fourth installment of a series that has previously graced Bali, London, and Portugal.

Hunnigan, an illustrious filmmaker and creative hailing from the Caribbean and London, brings forth a dynamic experiential encounter to the vibrant city of Cairo. Driven by a sense of nostalgia and a desire to foster a global community, this celebration unites multidisciplinary artists, inspiring exhibits, and a carefully curated selection of international and local DJs.

Hunnigan, is celebrated for his award-winning filmmaking and artistic ingenuity. Having traveled to over 60 countries and collaborated with renowned global brands, the visionary artist now calls Cairo his home. ‘Of Light & Clay’ represents the latest iteration of his ongoing series, where surrealist dreamscapes, fluid movement, and meticulously crafted set designs converge.

Through interactive installations, music, and dance, ‘Of Light & Clay’, merges these elemental forces, exploring the genesis of inspiration emanating from the human spirit and celestial realms where heaven and earth collide. In this exhibition, the essence of divinity finds expression through ‘Light,’ while the relentless rhythm of existence emerges as ‘Clay.’ Hunnigan can’t hide his excitement and tells us, “I’m really looking forward to having you guys at the event, it’s such an incredible space, This event is really about building community and making art more accessible, we’re doing that by creating beautiful installation work and collaborations with Egyptian artists.”

An eclectic lineup of musicians is set to set the stage ablaze with their infectious rhythms. Amongst these artists is Egypt’s very own Nada Sherdy, DJ Jevanni Letford, Ghanaian DJ William Adoasi, and Saudi DJ Misha Saied.

As the dancers sway to the pulsating rhythms and as the exhibits come alive under the ethereal glow of light, ‘Of Light & Clay’ epitomizes the harmonious union of creativity, celebration, and human connection.

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