Kafr El Sheikh University Students Invent The Smart Light Glasses For The Visually Impaired

Students at the Faculty of Artificial Intelligence at Kafr El Sheikh University have developed a groundbreaking invention called the “Smart Light” glasses, aimed at assisting blind individuals in navigating their daily lives. This innovative project has the potential to revolutionize the way blind people interact with their surroundings and enhance their overall quality of life.

This invention is not the first of its kind as there are apps like “be my eyes” helping blind people navigate around their surroundings yet the Smart Light glasses are specifically designed to cater to Arabic-speaking blind individuals, enabling them to better understand and engage with people and their environment. Equipped with advanced technology, these glasses utilize a voice recognition system that describes objects and people in front of the wearer, translating the information into both Arabic and English. Moreover, they are capable of identifying colors, providing a comprehensive sensory experience for the visually impaired.

Via NsFlow

One of the most remarkable features of these glasses is their ability to connect users to various online platforms. Blind individuals can now access websites such as YouTube, make video calls through Facebook, send voice notes, and even manage accounting tasks. This integration of technology allows for greater independence and inclusion in an increasingly digital world.

The development of this groundbreaking technology was made possible by a team of talented students from Kafr El Sheikh University. Nour Aldin Ali, Nada Tariq Hussein, Ahmed Al-Sayed Al-Taroun, Iman Al-Batea, Shahabuddin Ahmed, Mahmoud Atef, Mohamed Jamal, and Israa Mohamed worked tirelessly on this graduation project under the guidance and supervision of Dr. Tamer Medhat and Dr. Mona Al-Najjar. Their hard work was further supported by Dr. Abdul Razzaq Dsouqi, President of Kafr El Sheikh University who sponsored this project. Driven by a commitment to fostering innovation and empowering students to make a positive impact on society.

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