No Worries Mommies; Here Are Our Picks for the Best Mother Support Communities in Egypt

Being a mother is never easy, and expectant moms usually get worried, confused, and overwhelmed because of their new responsibilities and concerns about the well-being of their future children.

New mothers also face difficulties knowing what’s right and what’s wrong while parenting their children, and that’s what urged some mothers to establish platforms that provide other mothers with invaluable support.

We gathered some of the most influential mothers-only platforms, and here is everything you want to know about them:

Cairo Mommies for Natural Parenting

This Facebook group is dedicated to mothers who seek a natural parenting approach in their relationships with their children. The group has more than 25,000 members, and it encourages women to adopt natural childrearing and healthcare, such as supporting natural childbirth, breastfeeding, and positive parenting.

Mothers on the group get the chance to share and discuss their first-hand experiences of being a natural parent, and they get to benefit from the group’s expert mothers and doctors who are always willing to help.

Egyptian Single Mothers

Reminding all Egyptian single mothers that they aren’t alone and supporting them through their hard times is the main goal of this Facebook group.

The 67,000 member group gives single mothers the space to discuss their problems, exchange their experiences, and get free advice and consultancy from experts in different areas. It was founded by Nermeen Salem, who is a single mother herself, and it won an award from the Facebook Community Leadership Program in 2018.

Rahet Bally

An online platform that aims at informing, enlightening, and entertaining mothers around Egypt. It provides guidance, support, and feedback to both expectant and current mothers which makes things easier for them.

Rahet Bally’s website is available in both English and Arabic, and the platform acts as an online community for all mothers with different services, such as getting access to healthcare and wellness services, professional articles, videos, tips, and social events.

The Cloud

It is the first mothers-only complex in Egypt where they can take care of themselves and have some time off while having their children play happily in front of them.

The place is designed to help women relax, play sports, and socialize without being worried about their children as they can always have a look at them. It also provides mothers with professional trainers and different buddles to complete the luxurious experience. 

Nine & Beyond

The first local fashion brand to offer maternity clothes in Egypt. The brand provides pregnant women with a wide range of fashionable wardrobe essentials that adapt their changing bodies during pregnancy and could also fit them after delivery.

The goal of the brand is to save women the dilemma of finding luxurious and fashionable clothes during and after pregnancy which helps in embracing their beauty while saving their time and money.

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