NATO to Launch a Program in Egypt to Enhance Regional Security!


 By Yasmeen Badawy

NATO is about to launch a program in Egypt to enhance mutual security partnership in a cooperation with the MENA region regarding politics and building military capacity. We are all curious to find out what they’re planning to do in Cairo.

Paolo Alli, the NATO Parliamentary Assembly President and Vice Chairman of the Mediterranean and Middle East Special Group, told Egypt Today, that he opened a center in Southern Italy to exchange information about security needs according to sources in Brussels. The center serves as a reception for partners from MENA to reach a better understanding of the dynamics in the region and security challenges that face them. “We enjoy great relations with Egypt and its foreign minister. This has helped Egypt purge the Western Desert, which is an area that requires a special treatment,” a NATO official said, commenting on a current, announced program between Cairo and NATO.

Via Newsweek

The program consists of two phases, the first one is set to clear mines and explosive remnants of World War II from the Western Desert. Officials will use radar systems to penetrate the ground and discover explosives in great depths. The second phase will include equipment that will allow Egypt to safely use discovered mines. NATO has supported this project with $4 million dollars to hire a company that designs such equipment. It will also provide training for Egyptians who deal directly with those mines.

WE SAID THIS: Egypt is about to be safer with NATO’s help!