French Tourism in Egypt Spikes By 146% in 2018!

Tourism to Egypt has been slowly gaining momentum in the past year and it’s news like this that gives us hope for a more stable and economically strong Egypt.

It has been recently announced by TourMag, one of the leading tourism magazines in France, that the tourism rates to Egypt from France has gone up to 146% in 2018 alone.

Via Egyptian Streets

TourMaG revealed that “600,000 French tourists visited the land of the Pharaohs in 2010″. But six years later, only 70,000 paid touristic visits to Egypt in 2016.

According to Egypt Today Magazine, One year ago, exactly on July 15, 2017, French Ambassador to Egypt Stephane Roumtier said in a press conference in Alexandria that “Egypt will witness an increase in the number of French tourists received in 2017.”

WE SAID THIS: Let’s hope that the tourism rates would rise from all countries around the world! 

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