Must Watch: Hilarious Video Shows Syrian Version of Game Of Thrones

Everyone is a fan when it comes to Bakri Kabakibi and Game of Thrones. So, imagine what it’s like when the Syrian comedian dubs one of the biggest Khaleesi scenes ever. Let’s be honest, we all love Syrian dubbed shows. The dialect is hilarious and the unmatching voice over looks ridiculous, yet we’re all addicted.

A Syrian version of Game of Thrones just happened and we want it to be a regular. The dubbed video is the famous scene where Daenerys and her unsullied army decided to free every slave and kill every master and slave-trader in Nakloz. This scene was one of the biggest highlights of the season, and adding shawarma to the plot is pure perfection.

Watch below and roll on the floor laughing:

ماذا لو game of thrones اتعمل بالسوري

Posted by Bakri Khaled Kabakibi on Monday, February 26, 2018

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