Mrs. Keepa Goes From Designer to Vlogger in Upcoming Youtube Webisodes ‘Body & Soul’

The digital media era has blessed us all with a glimpse into our favorite celebrities’ lives. Whether you’re following a PR guru, chef or a prankster, you get to share your idol’s life via social media stories on daily basis.

Alas, holding a camera to your face and talking to your screen in public is sadly not everyone’s cup of tea. One woman who has altered the fashion scene in the Middle East is Mariam Yehia; also regionally known as Mrs. Keepa. The Egyptian-French designer and mother of two has one of the best fashion-related Instagram accounts I have seen.

From quirky hairdos, shades and retro outfits that only she can pull off, to playing with prints and silhouettes and launching mutlipe to-die-for collections, fans have been obsessed with the Dubai-based designer.

Mrs. Keepa just announced that she will start a monthly Youtube show called ‘Body & Soul’ where she will share all the hidden footage of what really goes on in her life behind the scenes. The designer explained that live coverage is simply not her thing as it comes in the way of enjoying and fully experiencing her life at that moment. Instead, Mrs. Keepa will share all her glitz, glam and gloom moments via Youtube.

Let’s welcome the newest vlogger on the block, maybe this is the start of a more-Youtubing less-Instagraming trend.

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