How To Make Your Morning Routine Arab

With every day, a new morning rolls around with a fresh start to be a better person and a better you. With the crack of dawn, you are presented with the opportunity to take on new challenges that you didn’t give yourself room for yesterday or even last month. These challenges are said to be easier to conquer with a little help from a morning routine. From waking up at a specific time to eating a certain breakfast, this strategy will get you on track to becoming more focused. Here’s the morning routine we cooked up, Arab edition.

Hitting Snooze Like There’s No Tomorrow

You’ve set your alarm to 8:30 am to get ready for work, but after it had rung three times and the whole house had heard it, your sibling or your mother or your next-door neighbor walk into your room to wake you up by 9:30 am and you’re late for work. You then obviously jump out of bed and run into the bathroom only you realize it’s only 8:30 am.

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Breakfast Is The Most Important Meal Of The Day

On YouTube, online content creators tend to start off their day with hot water with a squeeze of lemon. Then a couple of hours later, they roll some oats and pack them into a jar to take with them to work to really eat. However, us Arabs have that important meal in a whole other way. You get out your Turkish coffee pot, add that amazing smoky coffee out and pour it in and get going on the stove while you order from Gad, a famous Egyptian fast food chain restaurant also located in Kuwait, dedicated to selling foul (refried beans), fries, and various other sandwiches; becoming a definite staple for breakfast. With the combination of coffee and sandwiches courtesy of Gad, you will be so sluggish to head off to work, but it will be the content type of sluggishness, making it a bright spot of your day.

Get Your Morning Dose Of Radwa El-Sherbiny

For the women reading this article, watching Egyptian TV host Radwa El-Sherbiny as you sip your morning coffee is the ultimate pairing. She will provide you with that daily jolt of confidence you need to get your day started. El-Sherbiny is the confidant you never knew you needed and it all starts with a click of a button.

Be Interactive With Your Morning Commute

After having your jolt of coffee, on your way to work you have to be wide awake. One way to do that besides watching Radwa El-Sherbiny of course is to get interactive during your drive to work. Egypt’s bridges are known for being crazy busy, so rather than counting the minutes until you’re at the office, you can listen to the radio and call in; play a game or two, test out your film trivia skills, and maybe confess your love to your crush at 9 am? A great show to listen to during these early hours is Nogoum FM’s “Eesh Sabahak” (Live Your Mornings).

Call Your Mother Once You’ve Arrived

Forget about clocking in for working or saying good morning to your fellow colleagues, you didn’t really arrive at the office unless you’ve called your mother or loved ones and let them know that you’ve made it safe to your cubicle. This is a concrete step in your morning routine, otherwise, you won’t live to see another day.

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