Mommy Diaries: Tiger Woods

I don’t really watch television. I have a few shows I download regularly to watch whenever I can, but that’s about it. Whenever I decide to watch TV, it’s only because the little ones are asleep, and their Superdad isn’t home yet… that also means I’m so damn tired my brain isn’t functioning enough to get lost on pinterest.

Obviously, that means I’m watching E!

Entertainment Television. It’s everything I could want. Meaningless, useless little bits of information that will probably never come in handy and reality television is so far from reality you’d think they were from outer space. I love it. A guilty pleasure at its best.

I can name all the Kardashians, Jenner sisters, and their dogs (Dolce and Gabbana). I know intimate details about GullianaRancic and her Apprentice husband, and I know for a fact that if Joan Rivers and I were ever left alone together we would end up being best friends.

This discovery led me to an earth-shattering discovery…

I need a hobby. Pronto.

I’ve always believed that we were created equally but differently. We all have amazing talents that we’ve either cultivated or left untouched. I’ve never laid a hand on a tennis racket… ever! What if I was supposed to be the next Anna Kournikova? Or what if painting was my thing? I wouldn’t know. 

I took ballet lessons throughout my childhood, but stopped when I moved to the Big Mango*. High school was all about MUN. But that was it.

Where were my activities MOM?!

Obviously it’s too late for me to become an Olympic-anything, but it isn’t too late for my little ones! So, my mission this summer is to have them try it all at least once or twice. Tennis, painting, swimming, whatever I can find. You gotta start young and I’m not missing out on this opportunity. Call me crazy but this is it. This is the time to help mold them into the outstanding human beings that we hope for.

And of course, if all else fails, I’ll just teach them how to make my oh-my-goodness-gracious-this-is-crazy-delicious-I-can’t-stop-lasagna. That always seems to work wonders.

*Big Mango: Cairo