Mohamed Ramadan Mocked on Social Media After New Music Video

By Ayten Talaat

On the 11th of June, Mohamed Ramadan released a teaser for his new song, “Baba”, on Youtube.

Though the video is currently number one on Youtube’s trending list, the comments section is full of negative criticism on Ramadan’s new haircut and weird outfit. No need to mention that we will be expecting to see young boys imitating the superstar’s new haircut. In addition, people also didn’t like how the clip didn’t match with the song’s lyrics.

It’s not only Ramadan who’s getting mocked. People are also blaming Rotana Music, the biggest record label in the Arab music industry, for producing a song that will no doubt have a negative influence on the youth.

Here’s a list of the best reactions and comments on Twitter and Youtube.

WE SAID THIS: In spite of this, we still love Ramadan and we are so excited to hear the full song!