Moe Zein Crashes an IDF TikTok Video on Behalf of Palestinian Children

As the ceasefire between Israel and Hamas remains in effect, the remnants of the entire military occupation continues to linger, leaving about 266 Palestinian casualties in its wake, including around 66 children, according to recent reports. As the news continues to update us with more tragic stories regarding the traumatic experiences endured throughout the airstrikes and bombardment of the Gaza Strip, there is one man who made an appearance on TikTok and Instagram several days ago, expressing his condolences and sympathy in the best way he knows how. Lebanese artist Moe Zein posted a video showing two IDF soldiers on TikTok lip syncing the song ‘Stand Up‘ by Cynthia Erivo, only to cut them off within seconds, continuing the song and taking it on instead with his own lyrical touch, specifically for Palestinian children who have been victims of Israel’s military occupation.

“The saddest thing in this world is to wear off children’s innocence. They have the right to live, to dream, to grow in peace,” Zein wrote in the video’s post.

“Leave the children happy”

Moe Zein and his Instagram platform, garnering around 286k followers at the moment, continues to serve as an insightful source of awareness raising information and guidance regarding the occupation of Palestine. In addition to this video, he has previously cut off yet another IDF TikTok video before as well, giving a crash course on the formation of Israel and the violent foundation upon which it was built over Palestinian land with his own artistic touch to the matter.

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