Minimalism: Here are 5 things to Declutter from your Bag Right Now

It will never be easy to tackle minimalism in one article, it is so broad and has so many approaches, which makes it already so convenient for many to follow. The idea of minimalism has always been there, and it is embedded in many of us without even realizing it. But I can remember when the KonMari’s method became a trend, back in 2011 when the “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying: The Japanese Art by the Japanese genius Marie Kondo, and everyone managed to get a part of their life minimalized through her ways.

With that being said, It is fairly feasible to start minimalizing one thing that we all have around; our handbags, because they might get really heavy, messy, and might hurt our back.

Remove the endless lipsticks and blushers

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Remove the several shades of lipsticks, makeup blushers you have in the makeup pouch, instead, opt for the all-in-one lip and cheek stain, in the color that fits you the most. It will serve as your retouch whenever you want to add some color. The same can be said to the eyebrow products, just add in a very sleek minimal neutral eyeshadow palette with both dark hues and some neutral shimmer, to replace your eyeshadow powder, highlighter, and bronzer! Voila, you’ve got everything you need in almost two products.

Remove all the cards in your wallet/card holder

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Remove the zillion cards you store with minimalist wallet brands, instead, download the CamCard on your mobile, this handy dandy tool will automatically save the contacts on the card on your mobile phone with the email and everything. You are welcome.

Remove your weekly planner and all bulky notebooks

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If you are an avid planner with the color-code system and always keep the planner combo with you, it can really take a whole lot of space. Just switch it with a mini notepad, more preferably sticky notes, and yes I am aware that it can never take the precious place of your planner, but once you go back, just attach it attach it to the original planner you write in. For pens, just keep one that serves all.

Remove all the additional keys/charms in your keychain

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Remove all the additional keys in your keychain that lead to nowhere, Believe it or not, Keychains can go out of control, with the hand sanitizers, and all the travel charms and fuzzy chains. Just be gruesome and remove them, it will be so easier for you to put it in your key pocket in your bag and easier in the actual usage of keys! Get a custom keychain from and attach it to your keys. You only need one keychain!

Remove any products you have that are not travel-size

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Remove anything that is not a travel size, your perfume, your hand cream, nail kit, hair ties, and emergency kit. Replace everything with the travel size to save you double the space. Remember, if it is not in travel size, then you definitely do not need it, and your bag straps will thank you later.

WE SAID THIS: Hopefully, this will get you started with a bit of simplicity in your life!