Millions of Phones in the Middle East are Leaning Towards Being WhatsApp-less for Good!

Via Quartz

The Facebook-owned and most popular messaging app, WhatsApp, recently dropped some news that might be horrific to many of us. The mobile application will stop supporting certain operating systems. In other words, smartphones with old or outdated operating systems; whether iOS or Android, will soon cease to run the app for good.

Via Make Use Of

“We’ll no longer actively develop for old operating systems, so some features might stop functioning at any time. If you currently use an older operating system, we recommend upgrading to a newer version,” WhatsApp’s post reads.

WhatsApp has already stopped allowing news users from setting up new accounts on iOS 7 and Android Gingerbread. However, those with pre-existing accounts using these operating systems are subject to face some trouble at any time. Services might not be cut-off right away, but WhatsApp has announced that the final deadline for the upgrade is due February 2020. Operating systems that are going to be affected include Androids older than version 2.3.7, iPhones running iOS 7, and older phones.

WE SAID THIS: Seems like we’d better upgrade or we’ll find ourselves sending text messages again.