Middle East Hotspots…Literally

The Middle East has some of the world’s hottest climates, with temperatures ranging from 53 to 58 degrees celsius. Think places that have been visited by the “Human Torch” from Marvel’s Fantastic 4 himself. Excluding California’s Death Valley, the most famous in the United States with one of the hottest temperature readings ever taken at 56.6 degrees celsius. Kuwait, Libya, and Sudan are now in the competition since some of their cities have seen the warmest temperatures ever recorded.

Aziziyah, Libya

This is a tiny town in northwestern Libya, 41 kilometers southwest of the capital Tripoli. It was the capital of the Jafari district. A temperature of 58 celsius was allegedly recorded at El Aziziyah in modern-day Libya on September 13, 1922. Several world-record agencies have reported that 58 celsius temperature is the planet’s highest ever recorded temperature.

Wadi Halfa, Sudan 

A city in Sudan’s Northern state with a population of 15,725 people serves as a crossroads for traders attempting to reach the coastal city and Egyptian capital Cairo, which is located on the beaches of Lake Nubia near the Egyptian border. It is the end of a rail line from Khartoum, and it is here that commodities are moved from train to ferries sailing down the lake. The highest temperature ever recorded in this location was 53 degrees celsius.

Nuwaiseeb, Kuwait

Al Nuwaiseeb is a popular tourist location in Kuwait. With a plethora of activities to explore, this sought-after neighborhood is said to be a tranquil vacation spot. However, the temperature there can reach 53.6 degrees celsius, which is sometimes intolerable for visitors.

Ghadames, Libya

Found near the Tunisian and Algerian borders in northwest Libya. It is located at the bottom of a wadi that is bordered by the rocky al-amr Plateau’s steep slopes. The record temperature is 55 degrees celsius, despite the hot weather the scenery is vast and is worth a visit.

Sulaibya, Kuwait 

Sulaibiya is a tiny village located in Kuwait’s Al Jahra Governorate. It has the highest temperature in Asia, and the third-highest in the globe, at 53.6 degrees celsius. Sulaibiya features two industrial areas with various construction materials firms, as well as a 10-block residential area.

Yes, it’s scorching hot. So, if you’re thinking of going there, bring wet towels and plenty of water, and maybe you’ll make it through those regions. Also, according to a National News research, there is a strong link between climate change and future political conflicts. Nonetheless, the weather cannot be controlled, and the best way to deal with such a circumstance is to be prepared while keeping in mind that the larger issue of climate change is very much present.

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