Menna Shalaby & Ahmed Ezz To Share The Screen Again In Upcoming Film ‘Leabet Al Mot’

Egyptian stars, Ahmed Ezz and Menna Shalaby are set to share the screen once again in an upcoming film titled, ‘Leabet Al Mot’ or ‘The Death Game.’

‘Leabet Al Mot’ marks their fourth project together following, ‘Shabab Takeaway,’ ‘Badal El Faeed,’ Shalaby’s brief cameo in ‘Helm Azzouz’ and of course their latest thriller, ‘The Crime.’

Aside from the undeniable chemistry between Ezz and Shalaby, not much yet has been revealed about the story of the film as the shooting is set to start next September; but the project is backed up by renowned filmmakers.


The film is written by Salah El Geheiny who is known for writing projects like the ‘Awlad Rezk’ franchise and ‘El Khaleyah’ marking three collaborations with Ezz. In addition, his latest project was writing the hit film, ‘El Matreed’, starring Ahmed Hatem and Tara Emad.

Moreover, ‘Leabet Al Mot’ is set to be directed by Ahmad Alaa Aldeeb who is done his fair share of suspenseful shows and films, including major ones starring Ezz such as ‘The Knower,’ ‘Hagma Mortada’ as well as ‘Badal El Faeed.’

We don’t know about you, but with this star-studded cast and expert filmmakers, we’re already on the edge of our seats, hoping for another film packed with Hitchcockian suspense.

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