Empire Cinemas To Revolutionize Movie-Going In Riyadh With IMAX

No matter how many streaming platforms pop up and despite the countless movie nights, the cinema outing is a tradition that is forever timeless. The big screen in front of you, the comfortable chairs, the anticipation as you watch the advertisements before the big show and the crunching on popcorn are a sum of the parts that make for the perfect outing. The theatre welcomes special date nights, reunions with friends, family time or even solo time, “heading to the movies” is a phrase that will live on.

That being said choosing the right cinema is of utmost importance for that perfect day where you get to immerse yourself in a faraway world in a story that you are now part of. Riyadh appreciating the entertainment world more and more now has served up the latest IMAX technology so that, ‘going to the movies’ is a phrase that now comes to life. Step into the world of Empire Cinemas Ar Rabwah, where a remarkable transformation awaits cinema enthusiasts. A new era of movie-going is unveiled with IMAX laser technology for an experience like no other, promising to transport its theatres into a realm of unparalleled sound and crystal-clear visuals.

The IMAX with laser system sets itself apart with its 4K laser projection system, which utilizes a new optical engine and proprietary IMAX technology to deliver pristine visuals. With a cutting-edge optical engine and a suite of exclusive IMAX technologies, it brings forth a feast for the senses. The images displayed are nothing short of breathtaking, with crystal clarity, heightened resolution, and deeper contrasts that breathe life into every scene. The result is a noticeable increase in brightness evenly distributed across the screen and a lifelike visual experience that surpasses traditional film projection. The brilliance of the IMAX Laser image is unmatched, elevating the onscreen presentation to new heights. Every frame emerges with a radiant glow, engulfing the audience in a world of surreal clarity, you’re no longer watching a story…you’re part of it.

But visuals aren’t the only improvement, Empire Cinemas understands that sound is a crucial element in creating an unforgettable cinematic experience. That’s why they integrated next-generation IMAX precision sound into their theaters. The moment a film begins, the theater echos with a symphony of audio excellence. With an intricately designed sound system and precisely oriented speakers, every whisper, explosion, and detail is delivered with striking clarity and depth. Movie-goers can hear a pin drop and easily determine its exact location, thanks to the perfected sound technology that fills the theater with concentrated audio.

The unveiling of the IMAX theater with laser technology at Empire Cinemas Ar Rabwah marks a new chapter in the world of cinema in Riyadh.

Riyadh has become a hub of cinematic enchantment, and Empire Cinemas is at the forefront, shaping the future of movie-going in the city. Their nine locations across the Kingdom are just the beginning, with many more to come in the years ahead.

Don’t miss out on Christopher Nolan’s most anticipated film of the year; ‘Oppenheimer’ which will be screened at Empire Cinemas for a limited time, for a chance to experience the only feature film shot with IMAX film cameras and screened using the latest IMAX cinema technology. Witness the fusion of extraordinary visuals and pristine sound as you embark on a cinematic journey, make sure you have the right company, equipped with popcorn in hand and leave the rest to the magic of cinema.

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